You’ve heard this and know it…

“Eat healthy, exercise, and make sure you get good sleep. This is the recipe to good health, insha Allah!”
And while I this is very true, this statement is also incomplete. See, if we would ONLY focus on healthy eating, exercise, and sleep, we would only be taking care of ONE port of entry into our well-being. The physical aspect of it.

But as I have talked numerous times about this, on social media and in blog posts, we are created by Allah(swt) as WHOLE human beings and in order to be in an optimal state of being, insha Allah, it is crucial to take care of mind, body, and soul!

Neglecting care for any of these three will jeopardize our well-being.

The role of your mind

For the sake of this post, I will be focusing on the effects of our MINDSET on our well-being.
What if I told you that you can make yourself sick with your own mind? Sounds a little dramatic, doesn’t it? But the statement is absolutely true!

By the mindset you CHOOSE to adopt, you can increase your chances of health, or you can increase your chances of illness.

Here is what I mean… Based on our past and what is currently going on in our lives, thoughts enter our mind. The thoughts and ideas that you CHOOSE to entertain, though, have a huge impact on your well-being.

And this is because healthy thoughts, create healthy chemicals in your body.
And toxic thoughts, create toxic chemicals in your body.

How this affects your health

Our body is made of billions of cells and in order for every cell to function properly it needs the right type of fuel or nutrition.

Now if toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals, can you imagine what happens to each cell if it’s fed toxicity? Pretty straight forward, right?

If negativity is not intentionally removed from the mind and healthy thinking patterns not reinforced, chronic stress is taking place in your physical body. This in turn will disrupt the hormonal balance in the body, which will cause chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can then lead to chronic illnesses (May Allah protect us all), like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and much more.

So when we know that the wrong type of mindset can make us physically ill, what should we do to ensure we are instilling the RIGHT type of mindset?

Things to do

  • – ALWAYS be present to the feelings and sensations in your body. Feelings and sensations are almost always caused by the thinking patterns we create in our mind. So in order to become aware of our thinking patterns, the feelings and sensations in our bodies are the clues. Learn to recognize them and listen to them. They will tell you about the state of your mind.
  • – When you become aware of the feelings and have now connected them to your thoughts, choose wisely which ones you will allow in your mind and which ones need to be eliminated. There is a way : Say “a’udhu billahi minna-shaytaani rajeem!” Then, picture picking up negativity from your mind, as if it is something that can be really picked up. And throw it away. Say: “No, thank you!” (For more on this, click here)
  • – Understand that holding on to negativity in your mind will negatively impact YOU first and foremost. And in an indirect way your husband, children and family. Is it really worth it to entertain negativity? I don’t want to say that life is always easy. Far from it. Even the enjoyment of this life comes with some type of hardship. That’s the nature of this life. Jannah will be eternal bliss, free of worry and pain, insha Allah! However, Allah(swt) by His Mercy and Grace has shown us that even in THIS life we can ask for ease and create ease for ourselves through dedication and intention. As for our mindset, that means we have to CHOOSE that entertaining negativity is no longer an option, no matter how hard it is. And subhan Allah you’ll see Allah(swt)’s help pouring down on you with the right intention.

Sis, I pray to Allah(swt) that you understand that negativity in the mind, will only lead to more negativity in your life and can seriously affect your health. I pray that you say NO to negativity once and for all, for the sake of ease and health in this dunya and ease in the akhira.

Because Allah(swt) says: “Is there any reward for good other than good?” (Quran 55:60)