If you have had enough of a mediocre life, and just want to take things to the next level, you are in the right place, dear sis!

You are also in the right place if you have had enough of having dreams but settling for less. Either because you are afraid of judgment or because settling for less has become the norm.

I was there with you. I wanted to move everything in my life to the next level. From the connection with my Rabb, to my physical health, mental health. My relationships, my diet, and SO much more! But somehow I was stuck and afraid to take the first step. Deep down inside, I knew though, that in the time Allah(swt) has given me in this life, I am not going to settle for mediocrity. Our lives, gifted to us by our Creator, is way too valuable for that. I knew I wanted to start the journey of Ihsan (excellence) and put in my best effort, and then know that the outcome is in the hands of my Rabb.

I didn’t quite know how and where to start, though.  In the times that I did put effort into an area of life, I saw myself gathering all the energy, trying my best and make progress in that area. But over time, I would notice that all other areas of my life started to suffer. What I wanted, was to make progress in ALL areas of my life and I knew that just WANTING to get better in all the areas of my life was not enough. There were things that I needed to do. It’s illogical to expect a different life, while continuing the same practices.

So to put things into perspective, I started thinking about all my roles in life. I wrote down any area that I dealt with on a regular basis. The reason I wanted to become conscious about all areas of my life is because, whether we are aware of them or not, we deal with ALL of them on a regular basis. It’s just that if we don’t intentionally better ourselves, we deal with them in uneasy ways and will feel like we never reached our potential.

Here are the areas of my life that I came up with:

– My relationship with Allah(swt)

– My health (fitness and nutrition)

– My mental health and mindset

– My homeschool

– My marriage

– My parenting

– My relationship with my immediate family

– My relationship with my farther family, friends, and community

– My home

– My personal growth

– Self-care

– My career

Your list will likely also consist of many areas and that’s because as women we were blessed to fulfill so many roles. So if you feel overwhelm while reading this, that’s normal…AND you can replace it with gratitude.
I assure you that you will comfortably work on all areas that are important to you, once you commit, learn the right methods and strategies, and put in the work. Remember though, we are not talking here about end results. We are talking about the process.

Nothing good comes for free and for moving the WHOLE train forward, we have to pay with our effort and commitment. As for your time, I was amazed that, once I implemented the practices I learned and developed over many years, I feel like I have MORE time now! AlhamdullilAllah!

What are your areas of life? I am so interested and curious to see how we are alike and different in the areas of our lives.

Sis, I pray to Allah for your and my success! In this life and the next. Ameen!