One of the most fascinating things I learned when studying the mind is that our minds can’t tell the difference between something happening in reality and visualizing that same thing, without it happening in reality. In other words, when you visualize something, your brain thinks it happened for real.

Just this fact, that has been researched extensively, opens SO many opportunities for us, if we WANT to optimize our mind and use it for growth and success in life. AlhamdullilAllah!

Show your mind the good stuff…

By visualizing, you can show your brain something desirable that you want to reach in the future, with the help of Allah(swt). But here is a practice I started implementing out of curiosity, to see if it actually would work, and it has been a LIFE CHANGER, alhamdullilAllah! I pray to Allah(swt) that it is equally helpful for you, should you decide to implement it.

The first time this idea came to my mind, I had been practicing visualization for a long time. One of my favorites is to picture Jannah. This is something I practice every day, and by practicing it every day, the image of Jannah has become more and more detailed in my mind. May Allah(swt) grant us all the highest level of it!

But what about the negativity?

But along with showing my mind positivity and goodness of the next life and this life, I found a negative force fighting and competing with the positivity. Every time positivity helped me rise, there was negativity that pulled me down. This negative force was the whisperings of Shaytaan that were meant to create unhelpful beliefs in my own mind. Assumptions, hopelessness, dread, fear, worry, and so much more.

And I wondered: “Is there a way I can remove these from my mind, using visualization?”

The steps to take…

So for every negative in my mind, I created a small “emoji”. And every time I would notice a certain unhelpful belief pop up in mind, I would:
1. First find out where exactly this belief stemmed from
2. Name the feeling/thought I had that was stopping my from progress
3. Connect it to the “emoji”

Once it was clearly identified which feeling, thought, or idea was bothering me and holding me back, I would visualize that emoji popping up in my mind to the extent it had affected me.

Don’t forget Allah’s help

After this, I would first say: “a’udhu billahi minna shaytaani rajeem” and then would keep my eyes closed, visualize myself handpicking each emoji from my mind and throwing it out.

I still cannot believe how effective this simple method can be! Subhan Allah!

You can try this for any limiting belief. However, be patient. Visualization is a skill that you will get better at, the more you practice.

Let me know below about your experience if you choose to use this method, or if you have any questions!