For the longest time I believed that I had to choose which areas of life I wanted to thrive in and get better in.

I believed that there is not enough time in a day to:

  • get enough sleep and
  • to be completely present in my worship and
  • to work out and
  • to have quality time with my husband and
  • to play with my kids and
  • to homeschool them and
  • to do the planning, shopping, cooking of healthy meals for my family and
  • to read 14+ books per year and
  • to spend quality time with my parents, siblings and extended family and
  • to give back to my community and
  • to memorize the Quran and
  • to start my own business and
  • work on my mental health and

And the list goes on!

Fast forward 12 years, I have learned on my journey that I don’t want to settle for growth in only a few areas of my life. Why not become the best version of myself in all areas that are important to me? I want to stand in front of Allah(swt) and say:

“Ya Rabb, I tried bettering myself in all the roles that you gave me in life. And I tried my best not to live a mediocre life.”

It took me YEARS to figure this out and I am ready to share with you the things I learned so that you can be on the way to becoming the next best version of yourself. In all areas of life! Here are

  1. Your base is your connection with our Creator. There is no power above His(swt). Ask from the bottom of your heart and Allah will answer you!
  2. The way you think, the thoughts you allow into your mind can make you or break you. Be aware of the thoughts that enter your mind and MORE important than that, become aware of the kind of thoughts you CHOOSE to entertain.
  3. Learn about effective methods of planning and organizing. Being a good planner and being organized to excel in all areas of your life is like understanding grammar and spelling in order to write a nice piece of writing.

When working with clients, I use the analogy of a train. The train has many box cars, and in my analogy each box car is an area of your life. We want to move the whole train forward. There is time to thrive in ALL areas of life. The only thing that is standing in your way is your thoughts and beliefs. Let’s move the whole train forward, insha Allah!