What does communication mean to you?

The majority of humans consider communication as an act of exchanging information between human beings. Whether it is a parent talking to a child, a husband to his wife, siblings among each other, or friends to each other. Or people you don’t have a close connection to, for example your doctor or an employee at a store you are shopping at. And the list can go on and on and on.

Different ways…

Now I would like you to picture this: billions of people everywhere communicating with each other. Whether it’s verbal communication or non-verbal. In person communication or online. Some are formal, others are more intimate. Regardless of all of these, information is being sent and received.

Now I want you to zoom in on one person, whether that is you or someone else in your life. What if I told you that there is a world of communication happening inside that one person….within themselves? What if I told you that if we could record the communication that is happening within that person, only Allah(swt) knows how many books upon books there could be written in full!

The wonders of the inner world

The inner world of a person is extremely wondrous, Subhan Allah! From the thoughts that go on in your mind, that no one besides you and Allah knows about. To the dreams you have at night, that, even if you would try to explain to someone, words will never do justice to what you actually experience in your dream…

Communication of your inner self

Equally fascinating to these wonders of your inner self, is how your mind, body, and soul is designed to communicate with you. And that language is the language of feelings.

The majority of people are unfamiliar with it, and/or have not learned yet to understand this language.

Our minds, bodies, and souls are communicating with us on a continuous basis, yet most of us are not aware of it.

Take away or keep away from a soul the nourishment it craves through connection with Allah, and it’s left feeling empty. Most, however, do not notice this emptiness or just ignore it.

Entertain a mind with unhealthy thoughts and assumptions, and it will suffer from negativity… to the extent that it will leave you feeling drowned and depressed. Yet you might go on with your days and nights. Like nothing is happening, ignoring the cries of the inner self for help.

The crisis

We are dealing with a crisis of communication with the inner self. There is a lack of knowledge about how to communicate with the inner self and there is a lack of understanding of what it is that your inner self needs and craves.

And this crisis will continue if we don’t educate ourselves. Because we are passing this broken communication pattern on to our children, who will be equally unaware of what their inside environment is communicating to them.

In our constant struggle to be better ourselves in life as a parent, as a spouse, as an employee, as a worshiper of Allah(swt)…the majority have not understood yet that in order to excel in all those roles, it’s important to understand and receive the messages from inside first.

Tell me sis…

When was the last time that you paid attention to the feeling and emotions that were going through your body and mind? If for example, you felt frustrated, did you pause and asked where this frustration came from and why? Or did you just think with panic and dread: “AHHH I feel frustrated!” And tried to quickly get rid of it.

Imagine your best friend trying to tell you something she is struggling with, and every time she starts telling you about it you ignore her and quickly start another topic. How would this relationship continue to be? You will miss so much valuable information about your friend.

That same thing goes for the understanding of your inner self. By design your mind, body, and soul are constantly communicating with you. Ignoring to recognize and analyze the feeling and emotions, you are missing out on opportunities to get to know yourself better, which is crucial in becoming your best self in life. How can you help someone if you don’t even know them? How can you help yourself thrive in life, if you don’t even know yourself?

With better communication with your inner self, you learn to better understand your triggers, your strengths, your weaknesses, your past (and how it has affected you), what excites you for the future, and so much more!

I invite you to communicate more with yourself. And good communication, starts with being a good listener.

Next time when you feel a wave of an emotion and feeling coming over you, instead of feeling uncomfortable about it, and trying to get rid of it as soon as possible, sit with that discomfort and listen to it. Where is this coming from? Why are you feeling it at this moment? Use the feelings and the emotions to guide you to better understanding of yourself, and insha Allah to becoming a pro at understanding yourself.

It is then, when you can exceed and excel in all the roles of your life, Inshallah.

I pray, sis,  that Allah(swt) grants you and me, both, the understanding of our emotions and feelings in order to become the best versions of ourselves, for His sake!

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