For Muslimahs- A healing and thriving sisterhoodAssalaam A’laikum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatu,

I am Wajma Alocozy Babak, your Transformational Coach and founder of ForMuslimahs. I am a homeschooling mother of our four children, alhamdullilAllah. I live in Denver Colorado and I am a firm believer that as women, despite all the many roles that we have to balance, we CAN thrive in all areas of our lives.

In my journey as a worshipper of Allah(swt), daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and so many more roles, I have learned that life feels only meaningful, if I am thriving in all areas of my life, even if it’s with tiny steps.

We cannot, and never will be, perfect in life. In any of the areas of our life, or in all of them. But there is something about making progress that fuels the mind and the soul. There is something about achieving small wins, getting a little better each and every day. We are whole human beings. And each area of our lives is like a boxcar of a train. If you want to move the WHOLE train forward and move through this life in a meaningful way, each box car has to come with. Merely learning and understanding tools and skills about one area of life or only a few areas of life and implementing them does not guarantee harmony within ourselves, inside our homes, and in our society.

So often I have heard sisters say that they are too busy with their children and don’t have time for themselves.

So often I have heard sisters say they are overwhelmed with running the house and teaching their children and don’t have the time to start a business they’ve always dreamed of.

So often I have heard sisters say they would love to make time for their hobby but they can’t because of their job and other responsibilities.

I say there IS time for it all. All it requires is self-reflection, pinpointing the areas of life you need help and growth in, learning the right tools and strategies, committing to better habits, and then TRUSTING that you are going to move that WHOLE train forward.

From a strong connection to our Creator, to healthy mindset practices, to time management, marriage tips, physical health, organization tips inside the home, self-care and much more: In the last thirteen years I have studied all these topics to the extent that when implemented in my own life I saw beautiful changes, alhamdullilAllah.

But more than anything, I have developed a strategy of cleansing the mind of all negativity and planting the seeds of positivity. This strategy has been a game changer in my own life. After seeing incredible changes in my own life, I wanted to make this my work: Helping my fellow sisters break through all the limiting beliefs and negativity that has been holding them back from their potential for way too long. I am ready to share with you what I have learned throughout my journey.

Only AFTER you are in a thriving state in all areas of your life, only after you move the WHOLE train forward, can you spread your impact to all who matter around you, insha Allah.

So let’s thrive as worshippers of Allah(swt), daughters, wives, mothers, and any other role you have in life.

I’m here to help you

  1. Rid your mind of negativity and limiting beliefs.
  2. Plant the seeds of positivity.
  3. Find the areas of life that you need a shift in and learn better practices.
  4. Implement those practices one at a time.
  5. Sit back in awe and observe how your life will change by the mercy and grace of Allah(swt), because Allah says in the Quran that He(swt) will not change the condition of people, until they change what is within themselves.

Once you commit to changing your life for the better, you will be flat-out amazed at all the goodness that Allah(swt) will send your way!

Ready to take the journey with me?